Drive Vaccine


Restore your PC to an earlier status after restarting


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Drive Vaccine is a software to help keep your PC clean and safe in a very simple and easy way, always running in the background so it doesn’t interfere with your activities.

The application reboots the system in Safe Mode, allowing you to do a full clearing-out of the latest failed updates or harmful installations.

With the program you can restore on reboot, on an inactive PC, or on logoff, or schedule a restore for a specific date, making it easier to keep the computer clean after being used by other users.

It’s a perfect application for businesses with public access computers that are used daily by a large number of people, who might change the PC setup or install harmful software.

You can keep all your computers and their operating systems clean to guarantee safe usage for everyone and avoid future complications to the maintenance of each machine.

Trial version lasts 15 days.

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